I am 80% of the “#Whateley Academy” tag now. Get on my level, rest of Tumblr.

My family does not seem to understand that I am a girl who likes girls and I am gay and yes there are people out there who would still be attracted to a girl with a penis and yes I do want to use that penis for sex and no I do NOT want children. I had to explain that 5 times today.

I am really happy right now for reasons I can’t quite explain, but it probably involves both Pokemon and Whateley Academy, and perhaps season 2 of RWBY.

I now have a perfect Mawile. I named it Miranda. Fuck yesssssss.

God damn, my family just used the “you can’t hate someone just because they’re homophobic!” argument against me.

Fucking watch me, assholes.

i'm pretty sure what you're referring to is a 'triad', where three people are all in one big relationship with each other

Ah, okay, thank you :3

EDIT: Now that I think of it, “triad” might be a bit ambiguous. In that context, it’d definitely work, but other times “love triangle” might be easier. After all, I don’t think any of my friends assume I’m monoamorous anyway.

I think I needa do a lot more research into love and relationships, really.

Never before have I wanted to be in a love triangle so bad. And I mean, like, a proper love triangle, not one of those shitty monoamorous asymmetric intransitive love triangles, where the person in the middle has to decide between the other two. Well, actually, it wouldn’t be transitive if we included other people that the three of us are attracted to, but you know what I mean, right? :P

i love how literally the first note completely proves your point

I’d agree with you if I could actually UNDERSTAND that first note. Not that I particularly care. I should just stay away from cis people.

EDIT: Admittedly, it was my ONLY note, too.

How to troll cis people:

  • Don’t be cis.

IDislikeCisPeople is great and I want to hug her.