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Caramelldansen apparently.

Apparently “trans-” comes from Latin and “-phobia” comes from Greek so now I’m annoyed about etymology.

I must admit that I do get what you mean about Whateley. It did get better but some of the writers had very specific ways of looking at things, which shows in their writing. Not all the writing is bad, as several of the writers did get better as the series went along but some people do write at one level and have no real variation. I wish it were better but it is what it is. Do you at least have characters you like better than others?

I started reading a month ago and I’m still only up to Ayla 2 lol. I’ve been too busy writing instead. That said, so far I can really relate to Jade. Actually, if I’m being honest Jade is the entire reason I’m reading this at all, because I saw her mentioned on TV Tropes. Hank also seems pretty cool, not that I’ve seen much of him. And although I haven’t been introduced to her yet, from what I’ve read on the wiki Sara is probably gonna be a whole lot of fun. Finally, although I don’t have much attraction to Ayla as a character, I will say they’re written pretty damn well.

Yang Xiao Long more like [VIOLENT SOBBING].

I actually just forgot that cis people tend to, uh, stay cis. Like, I was literally surprised to find that someone I knew a year ago still identifies as the same gender they used to.

TFW one of your friends turns out to be on the autism spectrum. Like, heck yeah join the club.



Transgender Pride Flag Mens T-shirts


What point are they missing? Are there no trans men, or other trans people who just prefer shirts in men’s sizing?

I don’t know much (Read: Anything) about clothing, and I don’t even know what the difference is between shirts for men and for women, but I’m willing to bet that a typical men’s sizing would often be more appropriate for trans women, and vice versa for trans men. That is, assuming the sizes are actually based on physical proportions at all, and not simply on what style is supposed to be masculine or feminine. So now, I have no idea if they intend this shirt for trans men, or if they’re being transphobic and intending it for trans women, despite labelling it as men’s.

If you actually know anything about clothing at all, feel free to correct me on that, because I have a suspicious feeling that I’m wrong about something here.

Transgender Pride Flag Mens T-shirts

hello yes was that despaircest post u made earlier sarcastic or???

No, it was sincere. I mean, it’s not the best ship ever (Nanahiro for life), but it seems pretty cool. If I had a ship list, it’d be pretty high up.

you can always like post your post without tags first and then go back and tag it with rwby or whatever after its already been posted. that way it shows up in the tag on your blog but not on the main site


only the first five tags in a post go into the main tag. so if you put filler tags before RWBY your post will be tagged on your blog but not in the main tag. hope that helps!
Ah, yeah, these are both pretty good ideas. I’ll probably go with the first one, but I’ll try both if possible. Thank you!
EDIT: Okay, that, uh, didn’t seem to work? I edited the tags on after posting and it still seemed to show up in the main tag page. I could, theoretically, post it at one point and tag it later on. That way, it’s less likely for people to see it in the main tag, while still letting it be searchable in my blog afterwards. I might do that, but I’ll probably just go with the second option.