cjbrowne said: Isn’t “impact” something like armor penetration in WoW and “attack” like attack power?

I’m not sure how those things are actually different either, but the general consensus seems to be that attack is for penetration, and vice versa. If you could come up with an approximate equation to demonstrate the effect that you think each has, I might be able to understand it then.

cjbrowne said: define “unbalanced”. Is this like Halo 2 was unbalanced, or like Call of Duty MW2 was unbalanced?

Unbalanced as in a level 7 player accidentally walking into a level 20 enemy while exploring, causing them to die in one hit. And unbalanced in that the long-range weapons sometimes do less damage than the medium-range weapons, at long ranges. Or, and nobody on the fucking internet knows what the actual difference between the “attack” and “impact” stats is.

Yard sale.

harlekine said: my ex LOVED it, he obsessed over the beta and played it instead of having sex with me. lame.

Wow, he must have horrible fucking taste, this game is shit. Who the hell would pass up sex, especially with someone cute like you, to play fucking Destiny, of all things?

Destiny is so fucking broken and unbalanced.

The problem with challenging Kat's haters is that they're generally better informed than she is.

Hmm… Nah.

Ally Turing test: If you know enough about the experiences of the group you’re supporting, and manage to avoid discriminatory behaviors and language, to the extent that I can’t tell whether you’re part of that group or not without asking, then you are officially a good ally. Otherwise you’re either a bad ally, or not an ally at all. There’s probably more nuance to this, such as accounting for intersectionality and such, but eh, if you can’t pass this test then you need to damn well try harder.

Day 5 glitter update: Still have glitter on me.

If this becomes relevant at any time in the future, please remind me of it constantly. Or just stab me, IDK.

I took a shower and I STILL HAVE GLITTER ON ME.