At my core, I am basically a comic book nerd that hates comic books. I will gladly debate the question of “Could Batman defeat Spiderman/Harry Potter/Skitter/Tsovinar?” for an hour, but if you handed me an actual Batman comic, there’s no way I’d read it.

The answer, by the way, is yes/probably/no/maybe, respectively.

*Grabs a small bronze figurine of a Norse god, and puts it between my teeth*

It’s a metal Thor, you see.

Thanks for proving that Social Justice Warriors take it too far on tumblr with your last post. With love the Patriarchy.

This is it guys. I’ve done it. I’ve reached a milestone, and received my first proper hate mail.

I can’t tell if you’ve misunderstood my post (In which case I apologize), or you’re exaggerating what I said, or you’re just plain wrong. Because I wasn’t advocating that we should castrate men, or kill cis people. I was advocating that allies should shut up about Tumblr being a rare semi-safe place for oppressed minorities to vent. I literally just said that I’ve never seen social justice being taken to such extremes like the above examples, and you’re claiming that I’ve proved that social justice is being taken to such extremes like the above examples. I really do not understand your logic here.

If any queer people, people of color or women want to disagree and have a polite discussion about this topic, feel free to send me a message. If you’re a white, cisgender, heterosexual male, feel free to send me examples of social justice being taken too far. Prove me wrong. I’ll make a god damn compilation post of how wrong I am. I dare you.

Also, aju3f, you don’t seem to be following me, and I don’t know why you would be tracking any of the tags I put on that last post. I honestly don’t know how you saw it, and if you’re bothered by it enough to send me angry messages about it, why not just, IDK, stop tracking that tag, or following the two people who reblogged it from me. You have the ability to avoid this sort of stuff, if it bothers you. We don’t. The rest of the world is hostile and it hates us and you’re blaming us for hating it back. I’m sorry if I’ve offended you, but please, have a little sympathy.

People complain about social justice being taken too far on Tumblr, resulting in women yelling that all men should be castrated, or trans people yelling that cis people should just die.

But I’ve never actually seen that on Tumblr. You know what I have seen? Privileged groups complaining about strawmen social justice warriors, while ignoring the fact that literally the entire world outside of Tumblr caters to their needs.

I think you have your priorities backwards here.

Being trans is telling your preschool teacher that you’re a girl, and being corrected.
Being trans is having your brother set your Pokemon character to female, and then being fine with it.
Being trans is making a female character in Fable 2, because “none of the guys looked any good.”
Being trans is feeling happy when someone jokingly calls you “princess.”
Being trans is cosplaying as a girl because “all the guys were hard to make costumes for.”
Being trans is being personally scared of rape jokes for reasons you don’t quite understand.
Being trans is knowing that you’re different, but not knowing how.
Being trans is realizing that nothing you’ve done in your life is traditionally masculine.
Being trans is always imagining yourself as a girl.
Being trans is growing your hair long “just to see what it’s like.”
Being a trans girl is the same as being a cis girl, except for the lies you tell people.

If Zinnia Jones can look this good pre-transition then I think I have lost my main motivation to go on HRT.

And yes, Lauren, I know you follow me now. You’ll just have to deal with the fangirling :P

If trans guys don’t call their periods “manstruation” then I will be very disappointed.

You know you’re a HUGE FUCKING NERD when you start conceptualizing the idea of “metagenders”, as descriptions of how someone’s gender applies to them.

*Benny Hill theme reaches a crescendo*

*Benny Hill theme reaches a crescendo*

And so begins the absurd adventures of… AUSTRALIAN MAN! *Theme music, fade to title screen*

And so begins the absurd adventures of… AUSTRALIAN MAN! *Theme music, fade to title screen*