Game Freak could make a Pokemon game where your goal was to find every piece of clothing in the game, rather than completing your pokedex, and I would still buy it. Actually, I’d probably pay more for it.

*Kisses girl* AESTHETIC.

What is your opinion on religion?

People are free to believe whatever they want, as long as they don’t force it on other people, or discourage a proper consideration of alternative beliefs, or try to justify their own immoral behavior with religious reasons. That said, I’m a naturalist, and if you believe in any form of deity then I believe you are wrong, though if I ever try to force my own beliefs on people please call me out on it.

It might not be direct "oppression" but it can be a form of fetishization. And that's the thing, you can hope girls are also happy to see you; they might, they might not be. Generally it's always best to assume people want you to keep your distance if you're a stranger. I don't just mean girls now, I mean everyone. Thanks, I try to care for animals, I just meant a lot of people see them as toys, k. And I understand you didn't mean any harm. But seriously, please tell me you dont watch porn.

Ok, since you’re so insistent: Yes, I watch porn. No, I don’t need you yelling at me about how shitty and misogynistic and transphobic the porn industry is. I know. I try my best to avoid the typical objectifying drivel intended for cishet male audiences, but that’s not always practical, and I’d rather have my sexual needs met than avoid contributing a tiny amount of advertising money to certain websites. So if you plan on proselytizing to me, just know that you’re preaching to the choir, and that your efforts would be spent much better elsewhere.

Okay, whatever. Just an fyi, being a minority doesn't mean you can't behave problematically. Women objectify and disrespect other women all the time. Also I have a dog. for nearly 2 years and she's completely healthy and very happy. I said most people, not "me". So I take it you don't watch porn then?

I am absolutely aware that oppressed groups can internalize and perpetuate the same prejudices as their oppressors, but last time I checked being excited wasn’t a form of oppression. It’s pretty easy to tell that, because I absolutely hope my feelings towards girls are mutual. Let me just say, it’s god damn amazing when someone else is as happy to see me as I am to see them.

And, um, sorry about the cat comment then. I should’ve paid more attention to your previous ask, rather than immediately accusing you of being abusive to animals.

Um yeah ofc people get excited over pizza and cats most people view cats as something to entertain yourself and play with and then forget about. Also, you dont see cats everyday. Personally I just think its weird in general to compare opinions and attitudes on food and animals to women. Especially since we have gross a history of being sexually objectified. Do you watch porn, too?

I can’t even be fucked giving a proper response to this, because my troll-o-meter is off the charts. I am a lesbian. I am the exact sort of person that porn objectifies most. Also, please don’t adopt any cats in future, you sound like you’d be pretty horrible at taking care of one.

"Special snowflake" oh I’m sorry, I wasn’t aware that being unique was a bad thing.

Two week late crush update: I now have an adorable datemate and I smooch her whenever possible. I think the last of the glitter is finally gone, too.

There’s a fucking staircase in Destiny that triggers my trypophobia, like, god damn.

Programmers don’t say “I love you” programmers say “monads are monoids in a category of endofunctors” and I think that’s beautiful.