Today someone was discussing Bradley Manning in English. My teacher mentioned that it was best to refer to her by her current identity, saying that she was now called Chelsea, and then she specifically looked at me for confirmation. Like, aw yeah, I’m the resident trans kid and queer expert.

I do wish my teacher referred to her with the correct pronouns though.

vitalizedprogrammer said: wear TWO dresses to make her double angry (or don’t because that’d probably look silly)

I will double-wear the shit out of some dresses.

My mum just said that if I wear a dress to my graduation dinner, she won’t be attending.

I have reached the peak of platonic intimacy with one of my friends. There is absolutely no sexual attraction between me and them, but we’d still totally have sex if possible, just for the hell of it.

I have a right to tell you what to do.
My asshole brother.

An open letter to Alice: I would like to do that book list thing, but I have a really bad memory for books, and I can hardly even name ten books I’ve read, let alone ten that have had an impact on my life. Now, if it were ten Youtube series, however…

Oh fuck it:

  1. Worm
  2. Geomancer
  3. Ice Station
  4. Sophie’s World
  5. Uglies

Ok, five, that’s the best I can do <3

I just watched the premiere of RWBY volume 2.




The internet makes it incredibly hard to understand relationships. Offline, it’s relatively easy to work out how much people like eachother, because you can see how much they hang out, and how they behave. But here, you can’t tell that. You can never know if someone likes you as much as you like them, because you don’t know how much time they dedicate to everyone else. It really sucks, honestly.

alicebitland said: Fuck! I’m sorry :c

Oh, no, you’re fine, it was someone else that inspired that last post of mine. And anyway, I’m not feeling too bad right now, it just brought it to my attention that my emotions are fucked up.

*Hugs you anyway*

Wow, sometimes the idea of sex actually makes me depressed. Like, it’s almost a trigger for me, and I don’t know why. It’s so strange…